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Single 3560 Switch Upgrade for CCNA/CCNP Lab Kits (1 Switch)

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Orig. Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $40.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: 3560-Upgrade-1

NOTE: This upgrade only applies to any CCNA/CCNP Lab kits.

The price of this item is only for one upgrade from 2960-TT to 3560-TS.
This is not the price of an individual 3560-TS Switch!

You may add this item to your Cart if you wish to upgrade one 2960 to a 3560 Switch (only one)

If you wish to upgrade more than one 2960 Switch, you may add this item and adjust the quantity.

The upgraded 3560-TS Switch comes loaded with IOS 15.x IP Services version.

This Switch provides very advanced functions such as IPv6, Private VLAN's, SRR Queueing (Shared/Shaped Round Robin), etc.

In addition, the 3560-TS Switch is a true Layer-3 device with Full Routing functions!
(2960's are not true Layer-3 Switches and therefore do not support Routing functions)

Switches can be either 24-Ports or 48-Ports according to availability.