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CCIE R&S Virtual Lab Kits > 2. CCIE R&S v5.1 Lab Dell R610 96GB 20 CSR-1000v Routers + GNS3
2. CCIE R&S v5.1 Lab Dell R610 96GB 20 CSR-1000v Routers + GNS3

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Prod. Code: CCIE-RS-2

This is a Virtual CCIE Lab kit based on the equipment recommendations given by INE (Internetwork Expert) for the CCIE R&S 5.1 Lab Exam

It is based on a Dell R610 Server 96 GB. RAM and a 500GB HD

This Virtual Lab includes 20 Virtual Routers which are instances of the Cisco CSR1000v Software.
They run Software version XE 3.16.06.S with IOS 15.5(3)S6.

This Virtual Lab includes a VIRL VM (Virtual Internet Routing Lab).
However, a VIRL License is not included (see details below)

It also includes a GNS3 VM (Graphical Network Simulator 3).
GNS3 requires no License, so it's a fully activated VM!

A separate VM with Windows 2012 Server is also provided, so that you can run Wireshark.

This Lab kit has been fully configured to provide Telnet access to all 20 Virtual Routers from a Secure CRT Terminal.

This Lab is similar to item CCIE-Virtual-1, but with a total RAM of 96GB instead of 64GB.

Full CCIE Lab:

A Full CCIE R&S Lab also requires 4 x 3560 Switches with IOS 15.0 (3560-TS)
These Switches are not included, but they can be added (please see the Upgrades section)

With this Lab kit you can avoid paying Lab rental fees and will have full 24/7 access right at home!

CSR-1000v Routers:

- Each CSR-1000v Virtual Router needs at least 3 Gb. of RAM to operate.
- Since 20 Routers are needed for INE's Lab Topology, the Virtual Server needs ~60 Gb. of RAM!

These are the main features of this Virtual Lab:

- 2 x Quad Core Processors (Xeon X5550 or higher)
- 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- 96 GB RAM (Max. RAM)
- 500 GB Hard Drive
- VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 Enterprise Version
- 20 instances of CSR-1000v Virtual Router Software version XE 3.16.06.S with IOS 15.5(3)S6
- 1 x GNS3 Virtual Machine (Fully activated and ready to use!)
- 1 x VIRL Virtual Machine (License not included; it must be purchased separately)
- 1 x Windows 2012 Server Virtual Machine (needed to run Wireshark)

Upgrade Options:

A few upgrade items can be added to this kit, such as:

- Physical Switches (3560-TS) with IOS 15.0
- Terminal Server to access the Physical Switches
- One or more additional Hard Drives can be added (500GB each)
- If additional HDs are added, they can be configured with RAID-0, RAID-1 or RAID-5
- Hard Drive can also be upgraded to SSD version (500GB Drive)

INE Lab Exercises:

INE offers 5 different Categories of Lab Exercises:

- 1. Advanced Technology Labs
- 2. Advanced Foundation Labs
- 3. Advanced Troubleshooting Labs
- 4. Full Scale Labs
- 5. Mock Labs

The first 2 Categories of Lab Exercises use only 10 Routers (and 4 Switches)

But the other 3 Categories of Labs do require all 20 Routers (and 4 Switches as well)

You'll receive the initial config files for Routers & Switches for ALL Lab Exercises!

Additional Software:

The following Software is also included with this item:

- mRemoteNG Connections Manager (Telnet Session Management Software)
- VMware vSphere 6.0 U2 Client Software (must be installed in a separate PC)
- VMware ESXi 6.0 U2 Operating System Installation Files (ISO CD Image)
- Wireshark (Windows Packet Analyzer Software)
- Windows 2012 Server R2 (180 Evaluation version)
- GNS3: Graphical Network Simulator 3 (Server & Client Software)
- VIRL: Virtual Internet Routing Lab (no License included - Software only)

Important Note about ESXi Enterprise Version:

- ESXi Enterprise Version is needed to support Telnet access to the Virtual Routers
- If for any reason ESXi is reinstalled, please make sure to add an Enterprise License
- The standard version ESXi doesn't support Telnet (you won't be able to Telnet to Routers)

Our Labs are fully tested! Therefore, all components are guaranteed to work!

Please take into account that we need 1-2 business days to configure and test this CCIE Lab.