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CCIE Security Labs v6.0 > CCIE Security Lab v6 Dell T5600 128GB RAM 1TB SSD HD
CCIE Security Lab v6 Dell T5600 128GB RAM 1TB SSD HD

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This is a Server-based Home Lab for the CCIE Security v6 Lab Exam.

It is built using a Dell T5600 Server w/ 128GB RAM (Max. RAM) + 1TB SSD HD

It includes 2 x Hex-Core Processors.

This Lab is based on INE's recommendations (Inter Network Expert) for this CCIE Lab Exam.

The Server is running VMware ESXi 6.5 Enterprise Version with a Permanent Enterprise License.

These are the main technical specifications of this CCIE Home Lab:

- 2 x Hex-Core Processors (Xeon E5-2620 or higher)
- 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- 128GB RAM (Max. RAM)
- 1TB SSD Hard Drive
- Dell H310 SAS SATA RAID Controller
- VMware ESXi 6.5 Enterprise Version
- 11 Instances of the Cisco CSR-1000v Virtual Router with IOS version Fuji 16.9.5
- 21 Security Virtual Appliances (ACSv, ISEv, ESAv, FTDv, FMCv, NGIPSv, ASAv, etc.)

Note: Monitor is not included. A Monitor & Keyboard are needed to operate this Server.

CCIE Sec. v6 Lab Topology:

The Topology for CCIE Security Lab v6 is actually very similar to that of the previous version (v5).

That is because there have been very few changes in the v6 Exam.

Therefore, INE is still using the v5 Lab Topology for all Lab Training.

This Topology is illustrated in the Image No. 2 and it includes the following main components:

- 2 x Cisco ACSv (Access Control Server) version
- 2 x Cisco ISEv (Identity Services Engine) version
- 2 x Cisco WSAv (Web Security Appliance) version
- 2 x Cisco ESAv (Email Security Appliance) version
- 2 x Cisco FTDv (Firepower Threat Defense) version 6.2.0-363
- 2 x Cisco FMCv (Firepower Management Center) version 6.2.1-342
- 2 x Cisco NGIPSv (Next Generation IPS) version 6.1.0-330
- 1 x Cisco WLCv (Wireless LAN Controller) version
- 4 x Cisco ASAv (Adaptive Security Appliances) version 9.10.1
- 2 x Windows 2008 Servers (Test Servers)
- 11 x Cisco CSR1000v (Cloud Services Router) version version Fuji 16.9.5

All these Virtual Devices are pre-installed and pre-configured in the Server.

The original installation Software is also included (provided in Flash Drive)

This Lab has been configured according to INE's CCIE Security Network Diagram.

With this Virtual Lab you can avoid paying Lab rental fees and will have full 24/7 access!

Server Management:

Although you could Manage the Server with a single Management Station (PC or Laptop), it is recommended to have 2 separate PC's for Management purposes.

PC-1 is the standard Client-PC that all Servers need and it's also used for Out-of-Band Management.

PC-2 is the In-band Management PC. It's used to connect to the Management Interface
of each Virtual Appliance.

Physical Topology:

A full CCIE Security Lab based on INE's Topology requires some Physical Devices:

The complete list of Physical Components can be found at this URL:


We can provide these components as well. Please ask for price and availability.

Virtual Device Licenses:

Most Virtual Appliances come with a Trial/Demo License.

In most cases this Demo License can be reset by re-installing the Virtual Appliances.

The original installation Software is provided for that purpose.

A few Appliances and the ESXi Server itself do have a Permanent License though!

This is a summary of the Licenses for each Virtual Appliance:

- ISEv: 90-Day Trial License (it must be re-installed after 90 days)
- WLCv: 90-Day Trial License (it must be re-installed after 90 days)
- FTDv: 90-Day Trial License (it must be re-installed after 90 days)
- FMCv: 90-Day Trial License (it must be re-installed after 90 days)
- WSAv: 30-Day Trial License (it needs a new License after Trial Period)
- ESAv: 30-Day Trial License (it needs a new License after Trial Period)

- ACSv: Permanent License!
- ESXi Server: Permanent Enterprise Version License!
- Test Stations (Windows 2008 Server): Permanent License!
- NGIPSv: No License! (Please see note about this Appliance below)
- ASAv: Lab Edition Mode (No License), but still fully functional. Data Rate limited to 100Kbps
- CSR1000v: Lab Edition Mode (No License) but still fully functional. Data Rate limited to 2.5Mbps

Note about CSR1000v Licenses:

- CSR1000v Routers are configured in fully functional Lab Edition Mode (No License)
- While in Lab Mode they have a full AX License with IPBase + APPX + Security functions
- The Data Rate in Lab Mode is limited to 2.5Mbps, which is enough for a Lab environment.

Note about WSAv & ESAv Licenses:

- Demo Licenses for the WSAv & ESAv Appliances last for only 30 days.
- After this 30-day period you'll need a new Demo License, which can be obtained from Cisco.
- You'll need to contact Cisco directly to obtain these Licenses.

Note about NGIPSv Licenses:

- There are no Trail/Demo Licenses available for the NGIPSv Virtual Appliance
- However, for almost all practical purposes, FTDv replaces NGIPSv!
- An FTDv Appliance is considered to be an NGIPSv with a ASAv included!
- So in a way, FTDv actually provides more functions than NGIPSv
- Therefore, for almost all practical purposes FTDv replaces NGIPSv!


Server is fully tested and therefore it's guaranteed to work.

If you experience any problems, we'll replace it!


Due to the complex nature of this item we need 3-4 days for processing (configuration and testing)

Typical Transit time is 2-5 business days via FedEx Ground (it depends on where you live)

Ground shipping fee applies to the Continental USA (lower 48 states) only.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or to International destinations is also available.

But you need to ask for a shipping quote for any Orders outside the Continental USA.

Thank you for looking!