CCNA/CCNP Collaboration (Voice & Video) Lab Kits
Complete Collaboration Lab kits to cover all CCNA/CCNP Collaboration topics!
We offer fully configured Servers (VMware/ESXi) with CUCM (Cisco Unified Call Manager)

All International customers must request a shipping quote before ordering.
Current Offer: 20% Discount on all CCNA Collaboration Lab Kits!

CCNA Collaboration Labs - Call Manager Express CME

CCNA Collaboration Labs, pre-configured & ready to use!
Include CME-enabled Router, PoE Switch and IP Phones
Current Offer: Up to 20% Discount on our CCNA Collab. Kits!
CUCM Servers based on VMware/ESXi Fully Configured

Fully configured Servers with CUCM 12.0 (latest version!)
CUCM Software is also offered as a independent item.
It includes a non-activated copy of Cisco VCS Video Server 8.9
Current Offer: 20% Discount on all CUCM Servers!

CUCM Server w/ External Voice Gateway SIP / H.323

Provides a Voice Gateway (2811 Router) to a CUCM Server
Enables the Server to make/receive External Phone Calls!
Includes SIP Trunk/H.323 Gateway connected to an FXO Card
Current Offer: 20% Discount on all Combined Voice Lab kits!

CUCM-CME Combined Lab kits (Fully Integrated)

Combines a CME Router-based Lab kit with a CUCM Server!
Both Systems are linked together through an H.323 Gateway
Configured & ready to make phone calls between both Systems
Current Offer: 20% Discount on all Combined Voice Lab kits!