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CCNP Enterprise Lab Kits > Server-based Lab: Dell R610 Server with VMware ESXi + VIRL
Server-based Lab: Dell R610 Server with VMware ESXi + VIRL

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Orig. Price: $700.00
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Prod. Code: CCNP-VIRL

This item consist of a Physical Dell R610 Virtualization Server 32GB RAM and a 500GB Drive.

The Server is loaded with the Cisco VIRL Software (Virtual Internet Routing Lab), which can be used to create different types of Network Simulations, such as one to simulate a CCNP Lab.

VIRL is a Licensed Product and this system does include the proper License.
Cisco provides Licenses for only 1-Year Period, so you'll get a Server licensed for 1-Year.

The main difference between VIRL and GNS3 (Free Software) is that all devices available in VIRL already come loaded with the proper IOS Image and the proper License!

That's not the case with GNS3, which needs to be loaded with an External IOS Image.
In other words, you are responsible for obtaining the IOS Image and then loading it to GNS3.

This Virtualization Server is loaded with the VMware ESXi Server Software version 6.0 U2

Virtualization, Hypervisors, Virtual Switching and Virtual Machines (VM) are among the
new Topics included in the CCNP Enterprise 350-401 ENCOR Exam

So a Server-based Lab like this one would be a great tool for learning about this important Topic.

These are the main features of the Dell Server used to build this Virtual Lab:

- 2 x Quad Core Processors (8 Virtual CPUs total)
- 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- 32GB RAM (Upgrade options available)
- 500GB Hard Drive
- Operating System: VMware ESXi 6.0 Raw Metal Virtualization OS.

And this Server includes the following VM's (Virtual Machines):

- VIRL VM Server (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) latest version 1.6.65
- Windows 2012 Server (180-day Trail version)

Note: Please notice that you'll need a Monitor and a Keyboard to operate the Server.

You'll also need a separate PC to run the VIRL Client Software that interacts with the VIRL Server

This PC can also be used to install the vSphere Client Software (needed to manage the Server).

The Windows 2012 Server can be used to run other Applications within this VM, such as WireShark, Packet Tracer, etc.

This Server can also be used to install other Virtualization Technologies like Oracle VirtualBox, Microsoft Hyper-V, Ubuntu, etc.

Usually we need 1-2 business days to configure and test this Server-based Lab.