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NP-Voice-TS: 2811 +  2x2960 + 2x3560  + 3x1841 + 2x7940 + T/Server

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Our CCNP Lab kits are designed to cover all the Topics of new Exam Blueprints:

- ROUTE (300-101)
- SWITCH (300-115)
- TSHOOT (300-135)

This kit is composed of 4 Routers and 4 Switches:

- 1 x 2811 Router (IOS 15.x + CME 8.6)
- 3 x 1841 Routers (IOS 15.x)
- 2 x 2960 Switch (ALS: Access Layer Switch with IOS 15.x)
- 2 x 3560 Switches (DLS: Distribution Layer Switch with IOS 15.x)
- 1 x Terminal Server with 8 ASYNC Ports + 1 Octal Cable

This kit is similar to CCNP kit NP-Voice, but it has a Terminal Server + one Octal Cable

A Terminal Server will let you to access to the different devices from a single monitor station.

In addition to standard CCNP R&S functions, this Lab kit also provides Voice functions!

To do that this kit includes the following additional components:

- The 2811 Router is upgraded to support Voice functions (loaded with CME 8.6)
- The 2811 Router includes an HWIC-D-9ESW Switch with ILPM-8 Module with PoE
- The 2811 Router also includes a PWR-2811-AC-IP Power Supply (needed to support PoE)
- 2 x 7940 IP Phones fully configured and ready to make calls.

2960 & 3560 Switches also come loaded with IOS 15.x.

This Lab kit includes a complete set of Lab Exercises (one Lab Manual for each Exam).
It also includes Training Videos for each CCNP Exam (ROUTE, SWITCH & TSHOOT)

Therefore, this Lab kit will give you a clear path to follow (please see Training Materials section)

In this Network Topology, R4 includes 4 Serial ports and it has a dual function, because it doubles as a Frame Relay Switch. This is needed for the Frame Relay Hub & Spoke Labs.

This Lab kit can also be used for CCNA R&S training, since it has more than enough elements to setup a CCNA Lab. CCNA Training Materials for are also included (in case they are needed).

Here is a detailed list of the main components:

- 3 x 1841 Routers 256 Mb RAM/64 Mb Flash w/ 2 Fast Ethernet Ports + 2 Serial Ports
- 1 x 2811 Router 256 Mb RAM/128 Mb Flash w/ 2 Fast Eth. Ports + 4 Serial Ports & CME 8.6
- 2811 Router includes an HWIC-D-9ESW Switch with ILPM-8 Module with PoE
- 2 x 2960-TT Switches with IOS 15.x - 24 Fast Ethernet + 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports! (ALS)
- 2 x 3560-TS Switches with IOS 15.x with 24 FE Ports (DLS)
- 1 x Terminal Server with 8 ASYNC Ports (to access up to 8 devices)
- 2 x 7940G IP Phones (each with 2 Function Keys)
- Cisco IP Communicator 8.6 (a Software-based Phone that acts as a third IP Phone!)

This kit includes all of the Network Cards, Cables (Serial, Ethernet, Power, etc.) and other accessories needed to do the Lab exercises in the Cisco Press books mentioned above.

- 4 Serial Cables
- 7 Straight Through Ethernet Cables
- 5 Crossover Ethernet Cables
- 1 Octal Cable (needed for the Terminal Server)
- 9 Power Cables (not included with international orders)

Optional Components and Upgrades available:

- Small or Medium Steel Rack to mount all the equipment.
- Mounting Brackets to attach the equipment to a Rack.
- USB to Serial DB9 Adapter (needed on Computers/Laptops with no Serial DB9 ports)

Training Materials:

With this Lab we provide an extensive selection of Training Materials

This includes dozens of articles and eBooks (PDF format) for almost every exam topic
You'll also find hundreds of exam-like Questions (with Answers & Explanations)

It also includes Training Videos for each CCNP Exam (ROUTE, SWITCH & TSHOOT)
You'll also find Lab Manuals (in PDF format) for each Exam:

- CCNP ROUTE Lab Manual
- CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual
- CCNP TSHOOT Lab Manual

Please take into account that we need 1-2 business days to configure and test this CCNP kit.