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ASA 5510 Adaptive Security Appliance Security Plus License

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Orig. Price: $300.00
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Prod. Code: ASA-5510-Plus

This is an ASA 5510 device with Security Plus License version 9.1.5 (latest version)

Memory Size is 1024 Mb RAM & 256 Mb Flash (twice the size of an ASA 5505)

The Security+ License in a 5510 provides some features not available with a Base License.

For instance, you'll get features like High Availability through Stateful Active/Active Failover, Multiple Security Contexts, AnyConnect Client Support, etc.

The following table compares a 5510 w/ Base License with a 5510 w/ Security Plus License:

Feature 5510 Base License 5510 Security Plus
Users Unlimited Inside Hosts! Unlimited Inside Hosts!
Total VLANs 50 50
Total VPN Peers 250 250
AnyConnect Clients NO YES!
High Availability NO YES!
Security Contexts 0 2 (up to 5 w/ proper Lic.)
Stateful Failover Not Supported Stateful Active/Active


A Security Plus License enables the AnyConnect Premium License. However, Cisco has changed the name AnyConnect Premium to AnyConnect APEX License.

This change was made because Cisco also offers an AnyConnect PLUS License (also called Essentials). Please check out this Link for more information about AnyConnect PLUS and APEX:

AnyConnect PLUS and AnyConnect APEX Licensing Explained

So a Security Plus License with AnyConnect APEX provides more features than AnyConnect Plus.
For instance, it implements Stateful Active/Active Failover providing up to 5 Security Contexts

2 Security Contexts are added by default. Additional Licenses are needed for more Sec. Contexts.

The CCNA Security Exam doesn't include Stateful Active/Active Failover.
But this Topic is part of the CCNP Security Exam!   Therefore, an upgrade to ASA 5510 with Security Plus Lic. would be recommended if you plan to move on to CCNP Security later on.

This item comes loaded with the latest IOS (ASA IOS) and latest ASDM Software

It also includes the Cisco AnyConnect Client (for Windows, Mac and Linux) Version 3.1.12