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Cisco 2600 + NM-16A Module + 2 Octal Cables IOS 12.4

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Prod. Code: 2600-16A+2xOctals

This item is composed of a 2600 Router + an NM-16A Module.
It also includes 2 x Octal Cables. The 2600 Router is loaded with IOS 12.4

A Terminal Server based on a Cisco 2600 with an NM-16A module offers several advantages over the more traditional 2511 Terminal Server:

- First of all, it doesn't require an AUI adapter.
- Second, it is more reliable, mainly because the 2511 is an old device (not made anymore).
- And third, it supports SSH!

The MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) of a 2600 with a NM-16A is far greater than a traditional 2511/2511-RJ Terminal Server. In simple words, it is much more reliable!

In addition, 2600 Routers support SSH, which is NOT supported under any Cisco 2500 Router, because the 2500's do not support Crypto commands!