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GNS3 & CML/VIRL Server-Based Virtual Labs > Cisco CML/VIRL + GNS3 Lab - Dell R610 Server 48GB + License!
Cisco CML/VIRL + GNS3 Lab - Dell R610 Server 48GB + License!

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Orig. Price: $750.00
Sale Price: $650.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: CML-48GB

This is a Dell R610 Server that implements a Virtual Modeling Lab with the following Products:

- Cisco CML Server (Cisco Modeling Labs) version 2.0 (License included!)
- Cisco VIRL Server (Virtual Internet Routing Lab) version 1.6.67 (latest version as of Aug/2020)
- GNS3 VM Server (Graphical Network Simulator 3) version 2.2.5 (latest version as of Mar/2020)

They are configured as independent Virtual Machines (VM) running on <>ESXi Server 6.5

The Dell R610 is very quiet Server that comes with 48GB RAM and a 500GB HD

Please notice that this Server does include a CML License!
Please see below for more information about the CML License.

This Virtual Lab can be used for CCNA, CCNP and even CCIE training!

These are the main features of this Virtual Lab:

- 2 x Quad Core Processors (8 Virtual CPUs total)
- 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- 48GB RAM
- 500GB Hard Drive
- Operating System: VMware ESXi 6.5 Raw Metal Virtualization OS.

In addition, this Lab also includes a Windows Server VM:

- Windows 2012 Server (180-day Trail version)

Note: Please notice that you'll need a Monitor and a Keyboard to operate the Server.

GNS3 is a Free, Open Source Software that can be used to simulate complex networks.

CML & VIRL are Cisco Licensed Software that can also be used to simulate complex networks.

Important Note about the CML/VIRL License:

- Price of this item includes the CML/VIRL License.
- CML/VIRL Licenses are sold by Cisco for $200 for a 1-Year Period
- So when you buy this item, we buy a new License from Cisco and we install it in the Server!.

These Products need a separate PC (Client PC) to used to manage the ESXi Server and for the Client side of the VM's

The Server can be managed either through a simple Web Browser (any Browser) or through the vSphere Client Software.

GNS3 and VIRL need a separate PC to run a Client Software that interacts with the respective Server:

- GNS3 GUI Software
- VM Maestro Client Software

CML, on the other hand, doesn't need any Client Software, because it is also managed through a simple Web Browser!

Upgrade Options:

- Server's RAM can be upgraded to 96GB (up from 48GB)
- Hard Drive Upgrade to RAID-5 Array: 3 or more Hard Drives to provide HD Redundancy!

About GNS3:

GNS3 is a Free, Open Source Software that can be used to simulate complex networks.

GNS3 doesn't require any Licensing (it is totally Free), so you can use this Virtual Lab right away!

These are some other important GNS3 features:

- It supports Standard IOS (Legacy IOS) and VIRL IOS Images.
- Cisco Images are not embedded like in VIRL; they must be obtained separately.
- By using VIRL Images, GNS3 provides support for IOS 15.x (IOSv, IOSvL2 & IOS XEv)
- All work is done on the GNS3 Client PC! The GNS3 VM only provides back-end services.

One of the traditional limitations of GNS3 is the fact that it doesn't include ANY Cisco Images.

GNS3 users normally struggle trying to find IOS Images that can be imported into it.

However, when you buy this item, you'll receive multiple IOS Images to use in your Lab!

As mentioned above GNS3 now can import VIRL Images, which provides support for IOS 15.x

You'll get Router Images (IOSv), Switch Images (IOSvL2) and even ASA Images (ASAv)

This makes GNS3 basically equivalent to VIRL, but without the VIRL License fee!

Bonus Software and Training Materials:

This item includes a Disk (DVD) with the following Software and Training Materials:

- VMware ESXi 6.5 Operating System Installation Files (ISO CD Image)
- mRemoteNG Connections Manager (provides Telnet/SSH access to the virtual devices)
- GNS3 & GUI/Client Software (it must be installed in a separate computer)
- VIRL Maestro Client Software (it must be installed in a separate computer)
- Training Videos Materials (Videos about the installation, configuration and use of GNS3)

This Server has been fully tested! Therefore, it is guaranteed to work!

Usually we need 1-2 business days to configure and test this Virtual Lab.