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ISR and Voice Enabled Routers with CME (Call Manager) > Cisco 2911-UC 512D/256F CME 12.0 UC License (No Voice Cards)
Cisco 2911-UC 512D/256F CME 12.0 UC License (No Voice Cards)

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Prod. Code: 2911-UC-Voice

This is a Voice-enabled Cisco 2911 ISR G2 Router loaded with CME 12.0 (Cisco Unified Comm. Manager Express). IOS version is 15.7

CME 12.0 provides support for the most current IP Phones such as the 78XX, 88XX, 89XX & 99XX
(these IP Phones are not supported under CME 8.6)

Memory Size is: 512 MB DRAM and 256 MB Flash. (1 x 256MB Flash Cards)

This Router comes with an UC License, which is needed to enable CME.
No Voice Cards or Modules are included in the Router though.
However, we do have 2911 Routers with FXS/FXO Cards and the proper PVDM Module.

Features Summary:

These are the main features of this 2911 Voice-enabled Router:

- 512 Mb. in DRAM and 256 Mb. in Flash
- Loaded with CME 12.0 (Cisco Communications Manager Express)
- Loaded with CCP 3.1 (Cisco Configuration Professional)
- 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- IOS 15.7 (needed for CME 12.0)

The 2911 supports up to 50 IP Phones and up to 250 Virtual Ports (Virtual Ports determines the Max. # of Directories)

A Bonus Disk is included with this Router!

The Disk includes all Software elements: CME 12.0, CCP 3.1, IP Communicator, IOS Images & dozens of IP Phone Firmware Files!

IP Communicator is a Software-based Phone (or Soft-Phone) that can be used to make actual phone calls. You can even install IP Communicator on more than one PC and thus simulate a Phone Network without actual IP Phones!

Moreover, it supports multiple lines and directory numbers and therefore it can handle multiple calls!

The Disk also includes a Lab Exercise Guide (eBook in PDF format): CCNA Voice Lab Manual