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New CCNA v7 Lab Kits

Cisco has released the new CCNA v7 Certification that is simpler than previous versions!
Prior revisions of the CCNA Certification had been overloaded with many topics that extended
beyond the typical Entry/Associate level job roles.

The CCNA v7 Blueprint has been streamlined and realigned to focus on the actual Employer needs

Some relative-advanced Topics have been moved up to the CCNP Certification level and thus the
new CCNA Certification version 7 now requires passing only one Exam: 200-301-CCNA

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CCNA Economy Lab Kits CCNA Economy Lab Kits
Affordable but fully loaded CCNA Lab Kits
Lab setup and Lab Exercise Guide included!
Equipment: 2 x 1900 ISR-G2 Routers (1921 & 1941)
CCNA Advanced Lab Kits CCNA Advanced Lab Kits
Fully equipped Labs for CCNA R&S Training and beyond.
Adv. Kits offer the easiest migration path to a full CCNP kit!
Equipment: 3 x 1900 ISR-G2 Routers + 3 x Layer-3 Switches
CCNA Premium Lab Kits CCNA Premium Lab Kits
Lab Kits with 4200 Series ISR-4K Routers (4221)
These are the most up to date Routers for CCNA Training!
Cisco Networking Academies now use 4221 Routers
for the new CCNA v7 Courses and other Certifications.

CCNA v7 Updates (Video) CCNA v7 Updates (Video)

This is a YouTube Video (from Jeremy Cioara) that explains
the main changes that Cisco has made to the new CCNA v7

Click here for a Document with a Summary of the changes