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About us

Ciscoland is a Cisco Partner and Authorized Distributor of Cisco Equipment.

We have over 15 years experience meeting the needs of wide variety of customers.

We provide Cisco training kits for all levels, starting with entry-level Certifications (CCNA), to more complex Lab kits for advanced Certifications (CCNP & CCIE)

Our kits are built using high quality equipment, fully tested and guaranteed to work! Our Technical Support Department answers all types of technical questions regarding Lab Setup and even Lab Exercises!

They can be customized to meet your specific needs. Multiple upgrade options are offered, so you can build your own Lab according to your own needs.

We also provide up to date Cisco Training Materials to make your training extremely effective.

In addition to our complete Lab kits, we also provide a wide variety of individual Cisco products, which can be purchased as individual items or added to any Lab kit.

Special promotional discounts are available either for complete kits and for individual items. For more details please check out our Current Offers & Promo Codes