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CME 12 for 2900/3900 + 78XX/88XX/99XX Phone Firmware Files

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Call Manager Express (CME) is a Call-Processing Application that enables Cisco Routers to implement Voice/Video communication.

CME is implemented through a set of functions embedded in some Cisco IOS Images.

Therefore, the actual CME version depends mainly on the Router platform and IOS version.

CME version 12.0 runs in Cisco 2900 & 3900 Routers (2901, 2911, 2921, 3925, 3945, etc.)

Routers must be running IOS 15.x to support CME 10.x, 11.x or 12.0

To support CME 12.0 the Router needs to be running IOS 15.7(3)M1 (or higher)

If the IOS version is lower than that, the resulting CME version will also be lower!
For instance, if the the Router has IOS 15.6(3)M1, the resulting CME version will be 11.6

If your Router doesn't have the proper IOS to support CME 12.0, don't worry, we provide the IOS!

Please check out the following page to see the different CME and IOS version combinations:
Cisco CME and IOS Version Compatibility Matrix

NOTE: ISR-G2 Routers like the 2900/3900 don't support higher CME versions!
           ISR-4K Routers like the 43x1 or 44x1 are needed to support higher CME versions.

CME functions can be configured either through the IOS CLI (Command Language Interface) or through the User-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)

In order to access the user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface) typically associated with CME, we need to install a specific set of files that enable this Graphical User Interface.

We also include the following Software elements:

- Phone Firmware Files (Firmware for multiple types pf Phones)
- GUI Installation Files: cme-gui-12.0.tar & cme-full-12.0.tar

IP Phone Firmware Files for the following IP Phones are included:

- 78XX IP Phone Series (7811, 7821, 7841, 7861)
- 88XX IP Phone Series (8831, 8841, 8851, 8861)
- 99XX IP Phone Series (9951, 9971)

We also include IOS Image Files for the following Routers: 2901, 2911 & 2921

Again, please select the specific Router Model from the Drop-down Menu.

The specific CME version (8x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x, 12.0) depends on the IOS version.
The following list shows the relationship between IOS and CME version:

- Router running IOS 15.2.1T, then CME becomes version 8.8

- Router running IOS 15.2.2T, then CME becomes version 9.0

- Router running IOS 15.2.4M, then CME becomes version 9.1

- Router running IOS 15.3.2T, then CME becomes version 9.5

- Router running IOS 15.3.3M, then CME becomes version 10.0

- Router running IOS 15.4.3M, then CME becomes version 10.5

- Router running IOS 15.6.1T, then CME becomes version 11.0

- Router running IOS 15.6.3M, then CME becomes version 11.5

- Router running IOS 15.6.3M1, then CME becomes version 11.6

- Router running IOS 15.7.3M1, then CME becomes version 12.0!