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CUCM Software OVA Images for VMware ESXi Server

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Prod. Code: CUCM-OVA

CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) Original OVA Images for VMware ESXi.

CUCM 12.0 is the current highest version, which includes the following components:

- Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher 12.0 (PUB)
- Cisco Unified Communications Manager Subscriber 12.0 (SUB)
- Cisco Unified Communication Manager IM & Presence 12.0 (CUPS)
- Cisco Unity Connections 12.0 (UC)

As a Bonus, you'll also get ISO Installation Files for Windows-2012-Server-R2 and for
Windows-2016-Server (180 Days Evaluation)

This Windows 2012 Server can be used to configure a Domain Controller (DC) in order to provide
Active Directory Domain Services for authentication purposes.

As a 2nd Bonus item you'll also get a non-activated copy of the Cisco VCS Video Server 8.9 (TelePresence Server), which must be installed as a separate VM within the ESXi Server

After completing the purchase, the Software will be available for download.

The purchase price includes full support for the installation and initial configuration of this Software package in your own physical Server.

NOTE: All OVA files have been pre-configured with a have a hard-coded IP Address.
Although not impossible, it would very difficult to change this IP Address.
Therefore, your IP Subnet must be changed to accommodate the OVA files' built-in IP scheme.

If you must have your own IP scheme, then you should get the original ISO Installation Files
But please be aware that installing these original ISO Files could be a very challenging task!

Server's Minimum Requirements:

Your Server must meet Cisco's minimum requirements for CUCM, that include:

- 2 x Quad Core Processors
- 24GB RAM (min. Memory size)
- 250GB Hard Drive (min. HD size required)

The more RAM you have in your Server, the faster the loading and response times for the different CUCM components.


The CUCM Software has a Demo License meant for Training Purposes only (Non-Commercial)

CUCM version 12.0 has expiration period of 90 days. All other versions are valid for only 60 days.

However, these OVA Images can be reinstalled multiple times, so they can be used indefinitely!