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UCCE ISO Images for VMware and other Virtual Environments

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Orig. Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $125.00
Availability: in stock
Prod. Code: UCCE-ISO

Complete set of UCCE (Unified Contact Center Enterprise) ISO Images (Installation Files)

This set of ISO Images are meant for installation in VMware and Virtual Environments

The current version of UCCE is 12.5 So you'll receive the highest version currently available!

This UCCE Software Package includes the following components:

1. CCE (Contact Center Enterprise) v12.5(1) Install
2. CCDM (Contact Center Domain Manager) v12.5(1) Install
3. CC (Cloud Connect) v12.5(1) Install
4. CCP (Cloud Collaboration Platform) v12.5(1)
5. CVP (Customer Voice Portal ) v12.5(1) Install
6. Finesse v12.5(1)
7. ECE (Enterprise Chat and Email) v12.5(1) Install
8. CUIC (Cisco Unified Intelligence Center) v12.5(1) Install
9. VVB (Virtualized Voice Browser) v12.5(1) Install

Software will be available for download. Download Links will be sent to you after purchase.

As a Bonus you'll received a PDF copy of the UCCE Book by Gary Ford

You'll also get ISO Installation Files for Windows Server (180 Days Evaluation).

There are several versions of Windows Server (2012, 2016, 2019) and you'll receive ALL of them.

Windows Server can be used to configure a Domain Controller (DC) in order to provide
Active Directory Domain Services for authentication purposes.

Server's Minimum Requirements:

Your Server must meet Cisco's minimum requirements for UCCE, that include:

- 1TB Hard Drive
- 2 x Quad Core Processors
- 64GB RAM (more RAM may be required!)

Physical CPU's with a Base Frequency of at least 2.50 GHz are required to install an run UCCE

The more RAM you have in your Server, the faster the loading and response times for the different CUCM components.


The UCCE Software has a Demo License meant for Training Purposes only (Non-Commercial)

You will receive the Download Links within 24 hours of your purchase.