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Combined CME-CUCM Lab kits > Dell R610 48GB CUCM 12.5 + Cisco 2811 CME 8.6 + H.323 Gateway
Dell R610 48GB CUCM 12.5 + Cisco 2811 CME 8.6 + H.323 Gateway

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Prod. Code: CME-CUCM-2

This is a complete CCNA Voice/Collaboration Lab kit, ready to use from the first minute!

This Lab kit provides Full CME and CUCM functionality by combining two of our most popular items:

- CUCM-Server-2: Cisco CUCM 12.5 Server: Dell PE R610 with VMware ESXi 6.5 48GB RAM
- Voice-2811-3: CME Lab kit: 2811 256D/128F w/ CME 8.6 + 3560-PS + 7940 Phones + FXO card

But this combined item goes one step beyond, because it includes an H.323 Gateway between both systems!

The Gateway is implemented with an Integrated HWIC-D-9ESW Switch with ILPM-8 Module

In addition, this combined Lab also includes an External Voice Gateway, so that you'll be able to make Phone Calls to the outside world!

These are the main components of the CME Router-based Lab kit (Product Code: Voice-2811-3)

- Cisco 2811 Router 256D/64F with CME 8.6 with + 2 Fast Ethernet Ports
- 2811 is loaded w/ CME 8.6 (Call Manager Express) and CCP 2.7 (Cisco Config. Professional)
- Cisco 3560-PS Switch with 24 Fast Ethernet Ports and PoE + (Power over Ethernet)
- 2 x Cisco 7940 IP Phones
- Cisco VIC2-2FXO Voice Card (with 2 PSTN Ports)
- Cisco PVMD2-16 Module (needed to enable the FXO Card)

These are the features of this CUCM Server:

- 2 x Intel/Xeon Processors with VT-x (Virtualization Technology)
- 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- 48GB RAM + 500GB Hard Drive
- Operating System: VMware ESXi 6.5 Raw Metal Virtualization OS
- Windows 2012 Domain Controller (used for Active Directory Services)
- Cisco Unified Call Manager Software (CUCM) version 12.5 (see details below)

As mentioned above, this combined item also includes:

- H.323 Gateway configured to link both systems (CME & CUCM Server)
- External Voice Gateway to make Phone Calls to the outside world
- 2 x Additional Cisco 7940 IP Phones (Phones for the CUCM Server)

So you'll get a total of 4 x 7940 Phones and you'll be able to make calls between all of them!

For specific details of the Router-based CME Lab kit & the Server-based CUCM system please check out the respective item description.

CUCM Version 12.5:

This CUCM Server includes the following main components:

- Cisco Unified Communications Manager Publisher 12.5 (PUB)
- Cisco Unified Communications Manager Subscriber 12.5 (SUB)
- Cisco Unified Communication Manager IM & Presence 12.5 (CUPS)
- Cisco Unified Communication Manager Unity Connection 12.5 (UC)

Cisco VCS Server:

It also includes a non-activated copy of the Cisco VCS Video Server 8.9 (TelePresence Server)

This combined Lab provides a Complete Training Solution for the CCNA Collaboration Certification.

Upgrade Options:

A few upgrades can be added to Router-based CME Lab kit:

- IP Phones can be upgraded to 7942 or 9971 (the 9971 is a Video Phone!)
- 2811 Router can be upgraded to 512 Mb. RAM (it comes with only 256 Mb.)

Bonus Software and Training Materials:

This item also includes the following Software and Training Materials (DVD's):

- VMware ESXi 6.5 Operating System Installation Files (ISO CD Image)
- Windows 2012 Server Installation Files (180 Days Evaluation version)
- CCNA Collaboration Certification Training Materials (eBooks, Questions & Answers, etc.)
- CCNA Voice/Collaboration Certification Training Videos

Our Labs are fully tested! Therefore, all components are guaranteed to work!

Please take into account that we need 2-3 business days to configure and test this Lab kit.