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Single Switches > Cisco 2960-24 + 2 Gigabit Ports IOS 15.x and IPv6 support
Cisco 2960-24 + 2 Gigabit Ports IOS 15.x and IPv6 support

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Prod. Code: 2960-24-TT

The 2960-TT-24 Switch comes with 24 Fast Ethernet Ports

Each Switch includes the following Accessories:

- Power Cable
- Access Cable
- Console Cable
- Mounting Brackets

These are the main features of the Cisco 2960 Switch:

IOS 15.x support: This is perhaps the most important advantage of a 2960-TT. The new IOS 15.x (which is not supported by 2950's) includes multiple functions not available in previous versions.

Full IPv6 Support: One of the additional functions provided by IOS 15.x is full IPv6 support!
While the 2950 can pass IPv6 traffic perfectly fine, it does not support IPv6 Addressing.
But with a 2960-TT you can do Full IPv6 Addressing!

Gigabit Ports: the 2960-TT includes 2 x Gigabit Ports (usable copper 1000Base-T Ports), which can be used for any purpose! While the 2950T also has 2 Gigabit Ports, they usually serve only as Uplink Ports.

Auto-Sensing: The 2960-TT supports Auto-Sensing (not supported by 2950's).

Auto-Sensing eliminates the need for a crossover cable and allows the Switch to detect Medium-Dependent Interface in normal mode (MDI) or Medium-Dependent Interface in crossover mode (MDIX) in any other device with a straight-through cable or a crossover cable.