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Cisco ACI Simulator + EVE-NG Server - Dell T5610 128GB + 1TB SSD

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Orig. Price: $1,150.00
Sale Price: $950.00
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Prod. Code: ACI-Simulator-2

This is a Network Simulation Lab that includes the following Virtual Machines (VM's):

- Cisco ACI Simulator (Application Centric Infrastructure) ver. 5.2-5c
- EVE-NG Server (Emulated Virtual Environment-Next Gen.) ver. 5.0.1 with SD-WAN Support

The EVE-NG VM includes Nexus 7000 & 9000 Virtual Switches (NX-OSv 7K & 9K)

This offers the ability to create a separate Leaf & Spine Switch Nodes within the EVE-NG VM.

Both are great tools for the CCNP and even CCIE DC (Data Center) Exams.

This Lab is built using a Dell T5610 Server with 128GB RAM + 1TB SSD Drive

The Dell T5610is a Very Powerful Server with 2 x Ten-Core Processors (Xeon E5-2660v2).

Ten-Core Processors provide 20 vCPU's. Therefore, this Server has a total of 40 vCPU's

To implement the VM's the Server runs VMware ESXi Server 6.5 with a Permanent License.

This is summary of the main features of the Server used to build this Lab:

- 2 x Ten-Core Processors (Xeon E5-2660v2 or higher)
- 4 x Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
- 128GB RAM
- 1TB SSD Drive
- Operating System: VMware ESXi 6.5 Virtualization OS (with Permanent License)

Note: Please notice that you'll need a Monitor and a Keyboard to operate the Server.

In addition, this Lab also includes the following VM:

- Cisco CML-2 Server (Cisco Modeling Labs) ver 2.7.0 (Latest version, 90-Day License included)

ACI Simulator:

The ACI Simulator is a Virtual Machine Appliance that simulates a Cisco ACI environment

It does it by creating a Network of several APIC Controllers (Application Policy Infrastructure Cont.) with with Spines and Leafs Nodes.

The main features of the ACI Simulator don't require a License. But some special/advanced features do need a License.

However, in case is needed, you can register the Product to obtain a Free Evaluation License
(or Demo License) valid for 90 Days.

If you need to use the advanced features after 90 days (after the Demo License expires)
you can simply re-install the VM.

We provide the respective ACI .OVA file required for this purpose, which can be re-installed an unlimited number of times!

Therefore, the ACI Simulator can be used indefinitely!

The purchase price includes Free Unlimited Technical Support for assistance with any issues!

EVE-NG Main Features:

This Lab includes the Free version of EVE-NG (Community Edition).

We can't install the Pro version, which requires a paid License.

EVE-NG is Free because it doesn't include the actual IOS Images needed to boot the Virtual Devices in your Network.

Without the proper IOS Images, EVE-NG alone would be basically useless!

Therefore, you'd need to provide these IOS Images and upload them to EVE-NG.

However, our EVE-NG Server is already pre-loaded with multiple IOS Images!

These are the main IOS Images that are pre-loaded in our EVE-NG VM:


- IOSv Router version 15.9.3
- XRv Router version 6.3.1
- XRv-9K Router version 7.2.1
-Cisco CSR1000v and CAT8000v Routers versions 16.2 and 17.9


- NX-OSv9K Nexus Switch version 9.2.4
- NX-OSv7K Nexus Switch version 7.3.0
- Layer-2 Switch with IOSv-L2 version 15.2

Other Devices

- ASAv Firewall version 9.14.1
- FTDv Firewall version 6.2.0 (Firepower Threat Defense)
- FMCv Mgmt Center version 6.2.1 (Firepower Management Center)

You can create multiple instances of these Virtual Devices which are fully setup and ready to use

You can implement other Virtual Devices, provided that you upload the proper IOS Image for them.

As shown in the previous list, the EVE-NG VM includes Nexus 7K & 9K Virtual Switches that offer the ability to create Leaf & Spine Switch Nodes

This VM also includes all the Network Nodes needed to emulate a Viptela SD-WAN Network:

- vBond
- vSmart
- vManage

And the WAN Edge Nodes, also known as the Data or Forwarding Plane Devices:

- vEdge

The SD-WAN Controllers use the most recently approved version: 20.9.3

The WAN Edge Nodes can be implemented with the Viptela vEdge Software; also version 20.9.3

But they can also be implemented with a CSR1000v Router or with a CAT8000v Router.

We include the following versions:

- CSR1000v with IOS XE version 16.12.5
- CAT8000v with IOS XE version 17.9 (latest version)

Important Note about the CML-2 License:

- The License for CML-2 is sold directly by Cisco for $200 for a 1-Year Period

- This License is not necessary though, because EVE-NG can do everything that CML-2 does

- However, some Virtual Devices do work better and faster under CML than under EVE-NG.

And that might be reason why you would consider buying a CNL-2 License.

Client Station needed:

Just like all Servers, this item needs a separate computer (Client PC) to manage the Server and its VM's

Typical Server Management tasks include:

Power up/Power down VM's, Assign VLAN's and Network Ports to the VM's, etc.

The ESXi Server can be managed using either special Software known as the vSphere Client or through a Web Browser.

Both computers (Server and Client PC) must be connected to a LAN Switch that could be your Home Router/Switch from your ISP.

Using your Home Router/Switch will the Server access to the Internet, which could be needed for some tasks.

Upgrade Options:

- Server's RAM can be upgraded to 256GB (up from
- SSD Drive can be upgraded to 2TB or even 4TB (up from 1TB)

Please write to us for details about these Upgrade options

Warranty and Customer Support:

This Lab has been fully tested! Therefore, it is guaranteed to work!

If you have any questions about the operation of this Lab, you can always count on us

Usually we need 3-4 business days to configure and test this Lab.